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Spending Midsommar in the Mountains

Whoa… It’s been a while since I last wrote anything here. Mainly because I haven’t done anything remotely interesting, except for maybe going to Japan again over New Year’s, which was fun. This spring has basically been devoted to my courses at uni since I had many compulsory ones to catch up (some of which I later found out weren’t compulsory at all). My friends went skiing in Chamonix, I was in the computer rooms at the EE department, but I’m sure they didn’t have more fun than I did.

Now it’s the day before Midsommar and I’m going to celebrate Midsommar in the mountains in the far north of Sweden together with Sofia and Johan. We are leaving with the overnight train to Kiruna later today, and are going hiking around Kebnekaise, the highest moundtain (2104 m, so not really that high) in Sweden, for about 6 days. If the weather is good and there’s not too much snow, we will probably try to climb it. It will definitely be a lot of fun and hopefully we can manage to get some really nice photographs.

It’s interesting that in Swedish, the swedish (and norwegian) mountains are called “fjäll” and not “berg” that is the normal word for “mountain”. To my knowledge, these are the only mountains called “fjäll”, but I have no idea why. I will find out.

Sunday Morning

A friend from Japan came to Stockholm from her exchange in the UK, but she didn’t tell me until this morning for some reason. I tried to get a train there in the morning, but the tickets were sold out when I arrived to the station; so I decided to walk around Linköping a bit. This is what I got:


Coffee at Trädgårdstorget.


Trädgårdsföreningen has some flowers.


Maple leaves. No, I'm not in Toronto.


Sunflower in its right element.


Back in Sweden


Autumn colours in a maple tree.

So I’ve been back in Sweden for about 2 weeks now. I would have thought it would feel a bit strange, but it feels just the way it did before I left for Japan. It’s kind of nice to have gotten rid of all the people, never ending train riding and all the noise. Tokyo can be a very tiring place.

Not very much has happened since I got back, but some things have. I don’t have access to my new apartment in Linköping yet, so I’ve been staying on the sofa of my friend Daniel for two weeks now. Very nice of him to put up with having me for such a long time. Nothing bad about his sofa, but I really want to get into my new place. Just a few more days now (I’ll get the keys on Wednesday).

Other than that I’ve been pretty busy catching up with the three weeks of work I missed in school when I couldn’t get a plane ticket back in time for the start of the semester. It’s not too much work, but there are some labs that take some time to complete.

Also this week I got my credits from Japan transferred. Yay! I got all of the courses I took in Japan transferred and they amounted up to 62.5 Swedish credits (60 credits is a year of studies), so I’m happy with that. It also means that I can continue to get student aid, which I really need since I spent all my money in Japan.

Finally I have another photo from an autumny Sweden. Apples. This week has seen great weather with temperatures of up to 17 degrees I believe. Last week was not so good, 10-12 degrees. It’s nice to not have to sweat so much when you go outside, Tokyo was so hot and humid in the summer. When I left, it was 29 degrees. Quite a difference.


Apples basking in the morning sun.

Leaving Japan

It’s been a while since I last wrote something here, but I’m still alive. Lately, I’ve been preparing for my return to Sweden. I’ll go back on Wednesday, flying with Austrian Airlines via Vienna. Last night I found out that Antti, a Finnish friend here in Japan, will go back on the same flight as I will, that was pretty surprising. It’s good, then I’ll have some company and someone to say “Perkele!” with.

Last night we had a sort of going away party for me, but as always I was late at inviting people, so not many people came. For the after party we met up with Antti (he was having the same kind of party) and stayed out all night in Shibuya. However, we didn’t go to any club or anything, instead we did something very un-Japanese. We sat down on the street and drank and talked all night until the first trains started running again. It was good fun.

Anyway, I have done a lot of things since my last post and I will start to do some back-posting soon. I’m also gonna update the look of this blog, the theme is nice, but it doesn’t really fit with my content. Also, there have been many new releases of the blogging platform, so I should upgrade.

Moon Over Umegaoka

Last night when I came back from school, around 11 pm, there was a full moon and it looked really nice among the clouds, so I decided to take its photo, but it was more difficult than I would have thought.



I also got a good shot of the Umegaoka sky line.