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Finally, I got word that I’ve been accepted to the Young Scientist Exchange Program (YSEP) at Tokyo Institute of Technology (TITech). After three months of waiting and wondering, I can now breathe out and start to plan my trip there. I don’t know why it took so long - it says on their website that I would find out about the decision through my home uni in the end of April - but I don’t care much anymore.

I have yet to get the result by ordinary mail. Instead, I got an e-mail wishing me welcome and giving me some more information. I guess I won’t get anything by mail until the Certificate of Eligibilty has been approved by the state. Hopefully I will get it soon, so I can apply for my visa.

Apparently I have to be there by September 20. There will be an orientation program between the 25th and the 28th, before the actual semester starts on October 1. I would have liked to take the Japanese course they offer a few weeks before starting, but according to the e-mail, there have been cut-backs and they can only offer a beginner’s Japanese course. Since I already know some Japanese, I’ll give my place to someone else.

The YSEP is not just an “ordinary” exchange program with only a couple of different courses. It includes a research project (卒論), which seemed kind of intimidating at first since I’m still an undergrad student. However, after talking to some people that have been attending the program before, I feel better. It’s just regular project that I will do myself. There won’t necessarily be any proper research involved, which is a relief.

Now I just have to figure out what kind of project I would like to do, and then get it approved by my appointed supervisor. I will belong to the Matsuzawa Laboratory, that conducts research in the field of mixed-signal integrated circuits at the Department of Physical Electronics.

I’m thinking about designing a Delta-Sigma A/D or D/A converter as the project. It seems like an interesting thing to do, but I really have no idea if I’m even capable of doing that. I will discuss this with my supervisor.

Note: It seems like the lab have been redesigning their website and only the Japanese version is working at the moment. Hopefully the English site will be up soon.

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