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One Way Ticket to Paradise…

…actually, it’s a return ticket, but I choose not to think about that right now.

Yes, I’ve bought the ticket to Japan. :-) It feels very good to have that done. Everything seems a bit more concrete. I’ll leave from Arlanda at 10.15 AM on September 18 with Austrian Airlines to Vienna, then connect to Tokyo from there. Arrival in Tokyo is scheduled for 8.20 AM on September 19.

This means that I will arrive one day earlier than the designated arrival date set by the university. The reason for this is that I saved about 2 000 kr by travelling with Austrian Airlines compared to SAS (which was the cheapest airline availible on the next day). I figured that for 2 000 kr I could stay at a decent hotel for one night and still have money left. Hopefully, I can get access to my student accomodation one day earlier, but if that’s not possible, I can probably crash at Martin’s place for a night.

By the way, I bought the ticket from Kilroy Travels for about 8 700 kr, including the international student card needed for the ticket.

The following is just me ranting on a bit. Don’t read it unless you’re really bored or pissed off at SAS. :-P

On a relevant note, I now understand why SAS are doing so badly. There were at least four airlines that were cheaper than them on the route Stockholm-Tokyo-Stockholm. With their passenger numbers, one would think that they would do something to improve them. Stockholm is after all in the middle of their “territory”. I also don’t understand why there aren’t any direct flights to Tokyo from Stockholm, instead they go through Copenhagen. Maybe that’s just me being nationalistic, but I think they should be there. Sure I would have preferred a connection in Copenhagen to one in Vienna, but not for 2 000 kr. They lost one customer there, but maybe they care more about their regular, lazy, business customers. I think my preferred airline would have been Finnair though - because they have the shortest way to Asia - but their flights were all full when I wanted to go.

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