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The Land of the Goths

That’s right, I spent last week on Gotland with my family. We met up with two of our cousins and their parents that went there a few days before us. I had a good time, although the weather could have been better on some of the days. We lived a few km outside of Visby, in a small hostel (vandrarhem) which was ok, but of course my parents complained. I don’t understand why they booked it when they don’t like to live in places like that. There was probably not many options as we always decide on going somewhere on such a short notice.

Stalactites and stalagmites inside Lummelundagrottan.

We arrived on Monday morning to a sunny Visby and started by going to Lummelundagrottan while we were waiting for the hostel reception to open. It’s a big limestone cave system, with stalactites and stalagmites. It’s nothing like the ones I saw in the caves in Yucatán, Mexico a few years ago, but still impressive.

On Tuesday we visited our two cousins that live on Gotland now. I hadn’t met them in over ten years, so it was very interesting to see them again, although a bit awkward. They live in a house on the country side and have a lot of horses. Seemed like a lot of work.

Rauk vid Digerhuvud
A “rauk” at Digerhuvud on the north shore of FÃ¥rö.

Next, we went up to FÃ¥rö on Wednesday. FÃ¥rö has these impressive rock formations (in Swedish called “raukar”) that were created as a result of erosion as the land rose again after the ice age. We looked at many of these and then had lunch on the beach, since the weather was really nice. Later in the afternoon we had dinner at the house of an acquaintance we made while in Mexico. All in all a very nice day.

Vy från någon fyr på Fårö
The visibility on the eastern coast of Fårö was not as good.

The weather wasn’t as good on Thursday, but we decided to take another road trip. This time to the south part of the island. We visited Hoburgen and saw some more “raukar”. On Friday my dad and sis left for home because they had a theory lesson for their diving trip (bastards!!!) to Narvik, Norway later in July. So me and my mum spent the day with my cousins, aunt and uncle. After a rainy Saturday we went back home to Stockholm on Sunday morning.

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