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English Conversation Baito

I went to an interview for a little job on the side here in Japan. It’s not much, but at least it will make me some money. I think it will be around 6h/week and I will get 1,000 yen/h (about SEK 55-60). It’s for a non-profit English school and exchange agent. They send people on English language exchange to New Zealand without taking any agent fee like many Japanese companies do (they do charge a lot). What I will do is to sit in their “coffee lounge” and just converse in English with Japanese people. It’s actually just an apartment with a sofa, and every now and then some Japanese will drop by to practice their English conversation skills. If there aren’t anyone there, there is a TV and some magazines to read, or I could just study. I will still get paid for the time I am there.

From what I’ve heard, there are some people that are willing to pay a lot to practice their English conversation skills with foreigners. The problem is that they are a bit hard to find, you have to have some contacts. I’m going to explore that some more and see if I can manage to get something that pays better. Supposedly it’s not impossible to get paid like 10,000 yen (would be about SEK 550-600 if my math memory serves me correctly) per time. A young and rich OL (Office Lady) would be ideal. ;) At any rate, this is still a little bit of money and a good start. It’s also very close to where I live, only about a 15-20 min walk.

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    Låter ju strålande, hör gärna lite mer om det på Skype.. ;-)

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    Aah, Kiwi College ftw ;)
    Hälsa gubben från mig :)

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    Selbsthilfe bei : Ängste und burn out:

    Hier habe ich tolle Anleitung zur Eigentherapie zum Thema “Eigentherapie Ängste”. Schaut es euch doch mal an.
    der Link lautet von YOUTUBE : https://youtu.be/pXYNG8OqfzE

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