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Almost Time to Go

I went to the Cambodian embassy today to pick up my visa. No problem there, I just had to show the receipt I got when I handed in the application. I applied for it on Friday and they told me I could pick it up any time Monday, so that was quick. A good thing to remember if you ever apply for a visa to Cambodia in Tokyo is to print out the application form from the net and fill it out beforehand. When I got there it was full of people filling out the form, but luckily I had done that already and could just walk up to the window and hand it in together with the application fee (2800 yen or $20). Also, don’t forget your passport and a copy of your alien registration card (if you’re a foreign resident).

I’m now in the middle of packing my things. I have decided not to bring so many things as it’s very cheap to buy something there if I need it, and I’ll also be carrying my camera (which now includes the external battery grip with an extra battery and three lenses) and tripod, so I don’t want to be dragging too much weight around.
Packing for South-East Asia
This is what will be in my backpack. Two shirts (one with long sleeves and one short), two long-sleeved t-shirts, two t-shirts, two tank-tops, one pair of long shorts, four boxers, six pairs of socks, little sweat towel, toilet items (toothbrush, deodorant, contact lenses etc.), electronic things (camera chargers, card reader), medical kit (incl. mosquito repellent, stomach medicine, hydro cortisone, ibuprofen, thermometer, etc.), water purifier and tripod. In addition to this comes my above mentioned camera and my carry-on luggage, but it’s not that much - two books, ticket, cards, insurance papers, money etc.

So, I’ll leave from Narita to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow at 09:40 Japanese time (GMT+9) with China Airlines. After a change in Taipei (as usual) I’ll arrive around 16.30 Vietnamese time (GMT+7). I’ve got the first night booked at a guest house in District 1, the backpacker area, but from there nothing is decided. I might stay two nights in Saigon before going on towards Cambodia.

I won’t bring my Japanese phone with me because I can’t use it over there anyway, but I can use my Swedish phone, so I’ll bring it instead. That means that you can ring me or text me on my Swedish number, at least as long as I have signal. Internet seems to be widespread down there, so I’ll probably be able to check my mail quite often (maybe even blog once in a while). :)

See you when I get back, if I get back alive. ;) Hmm… I wonder how my beard will look when I get back. Maybe I’ll get me a trimmer down there.

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