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The Time Has Come…

… for me to write something new here. I haven’t written anything in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m dead or anything like that. A terrible thing, the thing that happened in Akihabara. Apparently one of the other exchange students I know was there when it happened, and stood only a few meters from one of the stabbed victims. That must have been awful.

The rainy season is here now. Good thing I have so much to do at the lab that I hardly notice it, except the humidity. You can’t escape that anywhere. I haven’t really done much lately outside of the lab and the weekends are usually spent with my girlfriend. Oh yeah, in the beginning of May (yes I know it’s over a month ago) the Japanese have some consecutive holidays, so we went to Mie-ken, a prefecture to the south of Nagoya. It’s a nice and pretty quiet place in the country side famous for their good seafood, especially oysters and a lobster they call ise-ebi. I have some photos from there that I will upload later. I took them with a film camera, but the quality of the scans are not very good in normal stores. I don’t understand why they can’t just scan them at a higher resolution than 300 dpi. If anyone knows a place where you can get scans good for large printing, do tell!

The Euro 2008 has started too. They only show a few of the matches at the TV in the dorm, so I have to go to bars to watch the other ones. I stayed out all night in Roppongi to watch Sweden’s first match against Greece. Good result, but Spain will be harder. Spain played a great game against Russia. I’m not used to seeing Russians, but I think that was the most Russians I’ve ever seen in the same place. Lots of tall slim girls. Rumour has it they were models, but what do I know, I just wanted to see the matches. :)

Hopefully there won’t be such a long delay until my next post. Take care!

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