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登山靴 - Mountain Climbing Shoes

Since it’s the rainy season the rain was pouring down for most of the weekend. However, today (Tuesday) the sun is shining. Yesterday it was just cloudy, this is what I saw when I got out of my afternoon signal processing class:


I spent my Saturday with Natsu. We were going to visit her family in the afternoon, but before that, we managed to do some shopping. Her family (mother, father and younger sister) lives all the way out in Tokorozawa in Saitama. It’s about 45 minutes west-northwest of Ikebukuro, which means it’s about two hours away from my place - good thing Natsu lives just 10 min away from Ikebukuro. Close by their place there is a factory outlet mall, so we decided to go there for some shopping before continuing on to her family’s place.

Since we both are going to climb Fuji-san, we needed some good shoes, so that was our main priority and that’s about what we had time for. I managed to find a pair of shoes that fit my big feet so I was happy. They seem to be quite nice shoes, made from leather and with calf skin lining and was 23,000 yen (about SEK 1,400), which isn’t too expensive I think. I am thinking about doing some more mountain climbing when I have some free time in August, as well as later back home in Sweden. Hopefully these boots will carry me for a while.

Dinner was good. We had temaki-sushi which means something like “roll in your hand sushi”. As usual when the Japanese have guests over for dinner, there was an abundance of food and we couldn’t finish it all. She has nice and relaxed parents and it was nice to meet her sister.


When we went back to Tokyo, I joined my exchange student friends for clubbing until morning in Shibuya. The weather was terrible.

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    Det är något tröstande att höra att det även regnar
    på er, i Sverige har det regnat mycket senaste veckan. Det måste varit kul och kanske en aning nervöst att träffa Natsus föräldrar, det verkade vara första gången eller?
    Häftigt att vandra uppför Fuji-san, det är säkert mycket vackert.
    Här hemma längtar alla efter att träffa dig i september.


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