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Random Things

Today we had a barbecue on the roof of the dorm. We had a good time. I grilled some beef steaks, sausages and onions while the others made chicken and yakisoba. Viktor had found some strange half-spheric metal thing, almost like a outdoor lamp cover, that was stuck in a bush, so we picked it up and used it for a grill.

A few days ago one of the Korean guys was cooking some food in the middle of the night (around 1.30 maybe) and managed to burn it so bad that the fire alarm went off, waking everyone in the dorm up. He was a bit embarrassed afterwards… lol.

The other week we also had a party on the roof. It was Chris’ birthday so we also had some fireworks. Apparently it was too much for the neighbouring people since the police came and told us to be quiet. Now they have Viktor’s telephone number. :P Denton made a film of the party. Apparently, they started really early. I came later so I’m not in it, and there’s no footage of the police because Denton ran away from them.

In the real world, I had my first presentation at the lab seminar this Monday. Of course, since I wasn’t nearly finished with my thing, it was just crap. Me being tired, having a headache and not having had any lunch (the presentation was at 18.30) might also have had something to do with the crapiness of it.

Saturday I went drinking with some Japanese friends that were on exchange in Linköping a few years ago. They all work now, but they brought some students from their old uni who are going on exchange to Linköping in August, so that was a lot of fun. Hopefully, we’ll have some more time to hang out back in Sweden. It feels like it’s a lot easier to make new Japanese friends in Sweden than here in Japan, since they’re a lot more open when they’re over there. Here, people are just so busy all the time.

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    I think I ate some asbestos that night…mmm…asbestos…

  2. 2

    Deeenton… What did I say about eating the stuff Owen gives you? Don’t do it! It’s not good for you. ;)

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