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Archive for September, 2008

Sunday Morning

A friend from Japan came to Stockholm from her exchange in the UK, but she didn’t tell me until this morning for some reason. I tried to get a train there in the morning, but the tickets were sold out when I arrived to the station; so I decided to walk around Linköping a bit. [...]

Back in Sweden

So I’ve been back in Sweden for about 2 weeks now. I would have thought it would feel a bit strange, but it feels just the way it did before I left for Japan. It’s kind of nice to have gotten rid of all the people, never ending train riding and all the noise. Tokyo [...]

Leaving Japan

It’s been a while since I last wrote something here, but I’m still alive. Lately, I’ve been preparing for my return to Sweden. I’ll go back on Wednesday, flying with Austrian Airlines via Vienna. Last night I found out that Antti, a Finnish friend here in Japan, will go back on the same flight as [...]