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Spending Midsommar in the Mountains

Whoa… It’s been a while since I last wrote anything here. Mainly because I haven’t done anything remotely interesting, except for maybe going to Japan again over New Year’s, which was fun. This spring has basically been devoted to my courses at uni since I had many compulsory ones to catch up (some of which I later found out weren’t compulsory at all). My friends went skiing in Chamonix, I was in the computer rooms at the EE department, but I’m sure they didn’t have more fun than I did.

Now it’s the day before Midsommar and I’m going to celebrate Midsommar in the mountains in the far north of Sweden together with Sofia and Johan. We are leaving with the overnight train to Kiruna later today, and are going hiking around Kebnekaise, the highest moundtain (2104 m, so not really that high) in Sweden, for about 6 days. If the weather is good and there’s not too much snow, we will probably try to climb it. It will definitely be a lot of fun and hopefully we can manage to get some really nice photographs.

It’s interesting that in Swedish, the swedish (and norwegian) mountains are called “fjäll” and not “berg” that is the normal word for “mountain”. To my knowledge, these are the only mountains called “fjäll”, but I have no idea why. I will find out.

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    Fantastiskt fina bilder från fjällvandringen!
    Härlig utsikt över fjäll,bäckar och snö.

  2. 2

    Tack. :) Ja, det var fint där uppe.

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