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高尾山 - Mt. Takao

After a long Saturday night with karaoke all night at some yakuza place in Shinjuku, I went home, slept two hours and then went to climb Mt. Takao in the outskirts of Tokyo with Natsu on Sunday. The weather was cloudy but very humid and about 30 degrees, which set it up to be a [...]

登山靴 - Mountain Climbing Shoes

Since it’s the rainy season the rain was pouring down for most of the weekend. However, today (Tuesday) the sun is shining. Yesterday it was just cloudy. I spent my Saturday with Natsu. We were going to visit her family in the afternoon, but before that, we managed to do some shopping. Afterwards, there was clubbing in rainy Shibuya.

Sad Day on Denentoshi Line

I live along the Denentoshi Line, that runs from Shibuya in Tokyo to Chuorinkan in Kanagawa. It is one of the most busy, if not the busiest, train line in Tokyo. There are both local trains (stop at every station) and express trains (stops at the big stations) running on this line. Usually in the [...]

Swedish Music in Tokyo

Earlier today I went to a concert with two Swedish bands, The Haunted and Dark Tranquillity. They’re both bands out of the “Melodic Death Metal” genre, so you might not have heard of them before.
Dark Tranquillity is one of the bands that started this genre and the “Gothenburg Sound” in the ’90s. It’s also [...]

One Way Ticket to Paradise…

…actually, it’s a return ticket, but I choose not to think about that right now.
Yes, I’ve bought the ticket to Japan. It feels very good to have that done. Everything seems a bit more concrete. I’ll leave from Arlanda at 10.15 AM on September 18 with Austrian Airlines to Vienna, then connect to Tokyo [...]